“Reach one…..Teach one”
No Limits, Inc. nonprofit organization located in Fairbanks, Alaska. The mission is to provide resettlement services to themarginalized and disadvantaged for successful transition from dependence on society to independence with the support and resources they need to transform their lives.
No Limits Inc’s target population is men and women who have recently been released from the jurisdiction of Alaska’s Criminal Justice System and who have a history of chemical dependence that has repeatedly impeded their ability to create a stable living situation for themselves and, often, for their families.
There are 266 homeless people in Fairbanks on any given day. A significant percentage has mental or physical disabilities and a high percentage are in families with dependent children.
These numbers are further exacerbated when the many newly released ex-offenders utilize emergency housing that is part of an already overburdened emergency shelter system. It is also important to note that ex-offenders living in homeless shelters have an increased chance of entering the cycle of recidivism due to the negative social environmental factors associated with shelter living.
Without adequate housing, the goal of successfully reentering society is a nearly insurmountable task. A safe and secure place to live becomes a prime stability factor for people rebuilding their lives. Housing may be one of the most important issues for ex-offenders reentering society.
No Limits is actively developing programs for the purpose of expanding opportunities that enrich the lives of individuals, communities and our society.